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Anne - Cheshire PDO Thread Lift

I’m in my early 50’s and felt that my face was losing volume around my cheeks and that I was looking Sad when not smiling after pulling my face back in the mirror many times!!!  I researched PDO and booked to see Dr Rose at Dermacare.
The clinic is in a quiet road in Manchester and we didn't see any other patients so was extremely discreet, I brought my partner who is a medical Dr with a good amount of surgical experience as I wanted his opinion on the procedure and for him to “check out “ what they had to say! He also had quite a lot of Questions!
I came away happy to go ahead and my partner who is not easily impressed also said that Dr Rose had excellent knowledge and expertise in her field. We both liked that they were very honest when answering questions and spent so much time explaining but not overselling the treatment.
The procedure itself was a little painful at times but I was given local anaesthetic as l needed it and lots of kindness and reassurance all the way through. Afterwards, I looked quite strange ( very exaggerated lift) but had very little pain, just discomfort really!
I hid away at home for about a week, I had no bruising at all, some dimpling along my cheeks which did make me panic at one point! so I would say to have a week off work if you want to keep this procedure to yourself!
By the time of my follow up appointment two weeks later I was looking so much better. 
I have fuller cheeks and generally feel and look much fresher, my partner also says that the treatment has made me look younger and happier, it is approx 8 weeks since I had this and I would highly recommend this treatment but feel my good results are definitely down to the skill of Dr Rose and Mirella is just lovely too.

Debbie - Manchester - PDO Thread lift

"I am glad I made the decision"
"I recently had PDO thread lift with Dr Rose. Both Dr Rose and Mirella are extremely professional caring and very thorough in explaining the procedure and aftercare.
I was at the clinic around 3 hours and they made me feel very welcome and answered all my questions. Although I was nervous they made me feel at ease throughout the procedure. I am now 3 days post procedure and have not had any issues, slight discomfort but nothing I didn't expect.

I have agreed to go on the website with before and after pictures so you can follow my progress. I would highly recommend Dr Rose and Mirella and I am glad I made the decision to have the treatment as I was very conscious of my facial lines."

Joanne - Cheshire - PDO Thread Lift

I would like to say that having had the PDO thread lift in April 2018, I’m very happy with the results. I definitely have an outline around my jaw my cheeks are much fuller and the overall look has been achieved with minimal invasion, I would recommend the procedure to anyone but you must give yourself a full 4 weeks after the procedure to see the best results! I’m really pleased with mine! 
Thanks again Dr Rose and Mirella

Brenda - Manchester - BOTOX, Dermal Fillers

"Great experience"
"Very easy to find the clinic, which is run from Dr Rose house via a treatment room.
The treatment room is extremely clean and very clinical looking, everything white.
Both Dr Rose and Mirella are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about there products.
There's no rush and you're not talked into anything your not happy about doing.

 I had Botox in 3 places forehead, corner of eyes, I was talked to throughout the process. Afterwards, I was left with very tiny brushing (but I bruise very easy). I was told after if I had any concerns later then to ring/text and they would answers any of my concerns no problem. I returned 2 weeks later for the checkup and everything was fine. I even went ahead and had Dermal fillers in my cheeks, which look great very natural.

So Thank You, Dr Rose and Mirella, for your patience, knowledge and care
Very clean, professional, knowledgeable people that seem to have a good client based clinic."

Kate - Oxford - Lip fillers

I recently had dermal lip fillers with Dr Rose. At my consultation, both Mirella and Dr Rose were extremely welcoming and friendly and discussed my plans for my treatment thoroughly. I was nervous at first but they were extremely caring and helpful and talked me through anything I was unsure about.

Dr Rose carried out my treatment perfectly, allowing me to see my lip progress throughout the treatment with a mirror to ensure I was happy. After the treatment, I had no swelling or bruising and was given a helpful aftercare pack. I recently visited again for a lip filler top up and again the service was brilliant. Dr Rose and Mirella are lovely and I will not be going anywhere else, I highly recommend them! Thanks again!

Janine - Manchester - BOTOX

Really friendly and professional service from Dr Rose and her team. Really relaxing environment and straight away puts you at your ease. Dr Rose takes you through all aspects of skincare regime and advises you on how to improve your skin through eating the right foods. So it was the whole service for me that made the difference. The appointment wasn't rushed and certainly under no pressure to go for the treatments on offer. I went back for a second check-up 10 days after the first and it was good to know that Dr Rose made sure I was really happy with the results. I needed a small top-up for frown lines (as I had lots!) but just shows you she would rather deliver just the right amount to achieve a natural look rather than injecting too much. Will definitely go back again. Self esteem restored!! Thanks Dr Rose 

Belinda - Bowdon, Altrincham

How can I thank you enough Dr Rose? What you have done for me has not only taken away the years, it has changed my whole feeling about myself as I reach 'a certain age'. You have been so kind with me I know you have gone the extra mile to make me feel at ease and confident with the process - especially since I have a needle phobia! The results are definite - and subtle enough so that no one would look at me and say "she's had work done" So highly recommended

Leanne - Manchester

I have felt amazing since my treatment. I can't believe what a difference it made to my face and skin, feel so refreshed. So happy.

Julien - Manchester

Dr Rose is the best! Very friendly, very professional and nice pricing. I would never go to anybody else. 

Amanda - Didsbury

I wanted to thank Dr Rose and Mirella as my skin has really turned a corner & is looking better than it has for 20 years! The medical skin treatment has finally stopped the outbreaks, the Obagi is keeping it smooth & soft. I can finally appreciate the smoothness that the Silhouette soft thread lift has given me.


Sandra - Hale

I'm getting lots of compliments about my face! One person has directly asked if I've had anything done, but most people are just saying I look really well. Dr Rose must have really worked her magic this time! Thank you.

Christie - Stockport

Since the treatment I feel so relaxed and confident my sense of wellbeing has improved enormously. Thank you so much Dr Rose and Mirella.


Mike - Wimslow

I would like to thank Dr Rose and Mirella for the time & effort they showed me at the consultation. I was very impressed with both, Mirella & Dr Rose in how they explained everything & their honesty in when they think I should have the treatment considering my imminent dental work. The practice is exactly what I am looking for, very professional yet private & discreet with a personal touch. I will definitely be back.


Tray - Manchester

10/10 Highly recommended.This is an excellent clinic, very clean and discreet, Dr Rose and Mirella are very nice and extremely professional, I have had a few different treatments here and have been more than happy with the results. Keep up the excellent work Dermakurve.

Penny - Didsbury, Manchester

Dr Rose & Mirella deserve 6 stars for their professionalism, service & care. Highly, highly recommend this company.

Melinda - Hale, Cheshire

I want to say a huge (unsolicited!) 'Thank you' to Dr Rose, Mirella and team for your kindness and expertise. My Christmas treat was the Radiesse filler treatment to contour my face and fill in some old scars and wow, it gave an immediate and almost miraculous result! It was very quick and there was absolutely no bruising either. My friends say I look years younger and look a lot less ‘worried’ - what great value for money, I would recommend this treatment and the Dermakurve to anyone looking to defy their age. 

Mahtab - Stockport, Cheshire

It was a fantastic appointment for a Botox™ injection. She was very helpful and informative about face skin & body slimming in addition to Botox™ injection. She advised us for how to do skin caring and beauty caring, which I never got any where else from my recent experiences in Botox™ injecting appointments. Beside her friendly and kind character she was very smart and accurate in her treatments. I am definitely recommending her to all of my close friends.

Chloe - Cheadle, Cheshire

Dermakurve is a discreet, calm clinic for treatments. I always feel my privacy is ensured and that I am getting 100 % from my practitioner. I visit Rose for facials and peels. Since beginning treatment with her for facials, my skin is remarkably improved. I follow an at-home regimen she has given me, and believe that has really made a big difference as well. I also really feel that she cares about the service and the client's well being. She is ready to recommend supplements and dietary advice that have really made a difference in my every day well being. Overall, you will not regret making an appointment!

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