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New Year - New You

The New Year always inspires a fresh new start in terms of fitness, weight loss, diet and kicking off those habits that we find less desirable.
While all these things are important to our image and wellness, it is only fitting that our facial appearance and goes hand in hand with any quest for transformation.

new year However, some people consider a facial improvement to be either too expensive or un-natural and may not be willing to engage in treatments that address the signs of sun damage or ageing beyond a well-researched skin cream.

There are other concerns that genuinely deter people form rejuvenating treatments such as fear of anaesthesia for plastic surgery, to which non-surgical cosmetic treatments may be an option.

These treatments range from collagen stimulating skin treatments such as Dermapen and PRP vampire platelet treatment to Botox and Dermal Fillers.
For those who need a facelift but are not prepared to have a surgical procedure, there is now a bridging minimally invasive Thread-lift procedure available using either Silhouette Soft or PDO threads.

These are not permanent treatments and offer the advantage of reversibility immediately or over time. But some people may find the recurring costs and time for repeated treatments burdensome while others fear the possibilities of things going wrong or becoming ‘addicted’. All these are valid concerns but in safe hands are mitigated by the outcomes.

These depend on the aim of the treatments. For purely cosmetic enhancement the result is beautification while in restorative or therapeutic treatment certain aspects of the face such as sun damage, loose skin, saggy skin and asymmetry are addressed along with their psychological impact.

The face, just as the rest of the body is constantly in the state of flux as it responds to both internal and external influences and rather than being seen as a tedious battle with age, facial aesthetic treatments can instead be a process of maintenance and restoration.

For those wishing to kick expensive habits such as smoking and reduction in alcohol consumption, it is an opportune time to reinvest the savings in more the first thing that people see, our face!

Happy New Year, and to a New You!

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  • I would like to say that having had the PDO thread lift, I’m very happy with the results. I definitely have an outline around my jaw my cheeks are much fuller and the overall look has been achieved with minimal invasion, I would recommend the procedure to anyone! I’m really pleased with mine!

    Joanne in Cheshire PDO Thread Lift
  • The treatment room is extremely clean and very clinical looking, everything white.Both Dr Rose and Mirella are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about Botox.
    There's no rush and you're not talked into anything your not happy about doing.

    Brenda in Manchester Anti Wrinkle Injections

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