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Silhouette Soft thread lift in Manchester & Cheshire

Thread lifts in Manchester & Cheshire continue to grow in popularity for one reason: they are highly effective! In this article, we explore one of the most popular thread lift treatments in the region, Thread Lift using Silhouette Soft, and analyse how it can transform your face.

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Are Fillers and Botox Safe?

Dermal Fillers & Botox are two of the most common forms of cosmetic treatments around, yet many people are still unsure of what they actually are, how they work and how safe and effective they can be. We put both treatments under the microscope to give you the lowdown.

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  • I would like to say that having had the PDO thread lift, I’m very happy with the results. I definitely have an outline around my jaw my cheeks are much fuller and the overall look has been achieved with minimal invasion, I would recommend the procedure to anyone! I’m really pleased with mine!

    Joanne in Cheshire PDO Thread Lift
  • The treatment room is extremely clean and very clinical looking, everything white.Both Dr Rose and Mirella are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about Botox.
    There's no rush and you're not talked into anything your not happy about doing.

    Brenda in Manchester Anti Wrinkle Injections

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