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Thread Lift PDO

If you aren’t especially keen on undergoing invasive face-lift cosmetic surgery or being treated with fillers or Botox, then revelatory face thread lifts with PDO could be a perfect treatment for you.

In fact, growing numbers of clients we see at our West Didsbury clinic here in Manchester are turning to this relatively new but increasingly popular form of a non-surgical face lift.

For anyone over  35, thread-lift PDO aesthetic surgery is proven to be one of the most effective ways of creating long term facial lifting.

The Dermakurve Thread Lift PDO Procedure is ideally suited to combat:

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Sagging or asymmetric eyebrows
  • Deep nose to mouth lines (Naso-labial folds)
  • Wrinkles in the mid and lower face and the neck area

An outstanding anti-ageing procedure for busy and mature women and men

As we mature, the contours of our faces can alter, due to changes in facial fat, collagen, elasticity and skin texture. And whilst there are a number of super treatments we can offer to combat these factors, at Dermakurve we are particularly excited by the response to and success of our thread lift PDO procedures which are now increasingly popular amongst our Manchester and Cheshire clientele.

The reasons for its popularity are clear for all to see. Quite simply, it prevents premature ageing – quickly and for an extended length of time – banishing loose or sagging skin. No wonder our patients look so well and feel so much better about themselves as a result! 

Thread lift PDO procedures are performed under local anaesthetic and there is no need for downtime – so they are tailor made for both women and men in demanding jobs and lifestyles, or for the busy housewife with little spare time on her hands. 

The Procedure

Dermakurve Consultant Dr Rose has considerable expertise in the speciality of thread lifts.  They fall into two categories: either the so called one-stitch-lift, or the more robust PDO (polydioxanone)  thread lift.  In this latter procedure, Dr Rose uses a fine needle to deliver the special dissolvable threads made of PDO into the skin. The strength of these threads, combined with an anchoring technology, tightens the skin, producing a gentle and lasting lift to the treated face or neck areas.

Using Polydioxanone (PDO)

Polydioxanone is the material used to make sutures, which have been used in surgery for many years and which have a long safety record. The mechanical strength and collagen stimulating benefits of threads have been used in cosmetic medicine for about 100 years. The exciting aspect of these new PDO threads is that they are designed with small barbs that help fix the threads to tissue, providing mechanical lift and stimulating new growth.  

How do PDO threads work?

  • stimulate new collagen production by insertion of PDO threads
  • an increase of micro-circulation 
  • improve tissue metabolism 
  • tissue adhesion & anchoring effect around PDO threads
  • stimulation of lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells) 
  • muscle relaxation 

Advantages of PDO threads

  • immediately visible lift and continued improvement, especially after 3 months
  • the threads dissolve after 6 to 8 months and are invisible
  • the results last up to 2-3 years, depending on your body response and lifestyle
  • versatile and adaptable to most problem areas of the face and neck
  • no down time (minimal bruising may occur)
  • no general anaesthetic required
  • a minimally invasive procedure
  • can be topped up at any time
  • low complication rate
  • compatible with many other cosmetic treatments

Rest assured, you will receive only the very best care before, during and after your thread lift procedure from Dermakurve, including:

  • a full consultation and information disclosure prior to treatment 
  • attention to your comfort throughout the procedure
  • exceptionally high levels of hygiene 
  • and excellent after care 

Please be aware, there are certain medical conditions that make some people unsuitable for PDO thread lift and, of course, we would always undertake a full medical assessment and discuss these with you, prior to performing any treatments.


Areas to be treated include;

PDO thred face lift web


  • before2
  • after2

At DermaKurve we give nothing but the best care during this procedure and ensure;

  • full consultation and information disclosure prior to procedure 

  • your comfort during the procedure

  • exceptionally high levels of hygiene 

  • excellent after care 

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