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Thread Lift Silhouette Soft

If you’d like to redefine and tighten your face, restore volume and reduce wrinkles, then our wonderful SILHOUETTE SOFT® treatments are designed to make you feel young and vibrant once again.  

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a simple, effective and technologically innovative thread lift treatment now being widely used by Dr Rose at our discreet and conveniently located Dermakurve clinic in West Didsbury, which serves clients throughout Manchester, Cheshire and across the North West of England. 

It’s been designed to reduce the loss of skin tone you may be experiencing that can lead to sagging facial contours, neck jowls and those annoying creases. Whilst this is an extremely popular, confidence boosting treatment for mature people, SILHOUETTE SOFT® is suitable for anyone over 30.

 It is safe and easy to administer – tailored specifically to your requirements. The treatment usually takes around 45 minutes and will last for up to 18 months. It can be applied in isolation or can be effectively combined with most other common cosmetic treatments that we provide at Dermakurve, such as Dermal Fillers.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® owes its popularity to its unique two joint actions:

  • A lift effect that provides an immediate and discreet result.
  • A regenerative effect, stimulating the natural production of collagen in the months that follow, with progressive and natural results.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® comes in the form of bi-directional, absorbable thread cones. Made in the United States, its development was based on extensive experience in suture suspension with cones, used in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  SILHOUETTE SOFT® is CE marked (CE0499) for the European market.

Next Steps

If you feel you would benefit from this non-surgical procedure which could dramatically lift he profile of your face and neck, then please feel free to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr Rose to discuss your specific requirements and suitability.  For your peace of mind, full information on what your treatment and aftercare will entail will be provided during this appointment.

The Treatment

The SILHOUETTE SOFT® thread lift treatment is carried out under strictly sterile conditions. Dr Rose will inject a local anaesthetic into small points on the face or neck, in order to numb the area. The threads are then inserted into the face through minute entry points. You will then be asked to sit up and the threads will be gently manipulated to lift the desired areas of your face. You’ll have a mirror to see the results so that you can participate in the fine-tuning process to your satisfaction. A comprehensive aftercare pack and instruction are then provided.


  • woman before
  • woman after
  • Man before profile
  • Man after 30 days profile
  • Man before face
  • Man after 30 days Face

The most popular procedures with Silhouette Soft® lifts are;


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