All reviews below are genuine reviews from real Dermakurve clients that have used our services. Mainly direct reviews from email, feedback forms and social media.

Average 5 Star Rating

“Dr Rose had excellent knowledge and expertise in her field."

“I recently had PDO thread lift with Dr Rose. Both Dr Rose and Mirella are extremely professional caring and very thorough in explaining the procedure and aftercare."

“I’m really pleased with my PDO thread treatment!
Thanks again Dr Rose and Mirella"

“So Thank You, Dr Rose and Mirella, for your patience, knowledge and care
Very clean, professional, knowledgeable people that seem to have a good client based clinic.""

“I recently had dermal lip fillers with Dr Rose. At my consultation, both Mirella and Dr Rose were extremely welcoming and friendly and discussed my plans for my treatment thoroughly."

“I was nervous at first but they were extremely caring and helpful and talked me through anything I was unsure about."

“Dr Rose carried out my lip dermal filler treatment perfectly,"

“It was the whole service for me that made the difference. The appointment wasn't rushed and certainly under no pressure to go for the treatments on offer"

“How can I thank you enough Dr Rose? What you have done for me has not only taken away the years, it has changed my whole feeling about myself as I reach 'a certain age"

“Dermakurve have gone the extra mile to make me feel at ease and confident with the process - especially since I have a needle phobia!
The results are definite - So highly recommended"

“I wanted to thank Dr Rose and Mirella.I can finally appreciate the smoothness that the Silhouette soft thread lift has given me"

“Dr Rose is the best! Very friendly, very professional and nice pricing. I would never go to anybody else."

“Since my PDO treatment, I feel so relaxed and confident my sense of wellbeing has improved enormously. Thank you so much Dr Rose and Mirella."

“I would like to thank Dr Rose and Mirella for the time & effort they showed me at the consultation."

“I was very impressed with both, Mirella & Dr Rose in how they explained everything & their honesty in when they think I should have the treatment considering my imminent dental work."

“The practice is exactly what I am looking for, very professional yet private & discreet with a personal touch. I will definitely be back."

“10/10 Highly recommended.This is an excellent clinic, very clean and discreet, Dr Rose and Mirella are very nice and extremely professional,"

“Dr Rose & Mirella deserve 6 stars for their professionalism, service & care. Highly, highly recommend this company."

“I want to say a huge (unsolicited!) 'Thank you' to Dr Rose, Mirella and team for your kindness and expertise."

“My Christmas treat was the Dermal filler treatment to contour my face and fill in some old scars and wow, it gave an immediate and almost miraculous result!"

“ My friends say I look years younger and look a lot less ‘worried’ - what great value for money.
I would recommend Dermal filler treatment and Dermakurve to anyone looking to defy their age."

“It was a fantastic appointment for a Botox™ injection.
Dr Rose and Mirella were very helpful and informative about face skin & body slimming in addition to Botox™ injection.""

“Dr Rose advised me on proper skin care in a caring manner, which I never got anywhere else in my recent experiences in Botox™ injecting appointments."

“Beside her friendly and kind character, Dr Rose was very smart and accurate in her treatments. I am definitely recommending her to all of my close friends."

“Dermakurve is a discreet, calm clinic for treatments. I always feel my privacy is ensured and that I am getting 100 % from my practitioner"

“I visit Dr Rose for skin peels. Since beginning treatment with her, my skin is remarkably improved."

“I really feel that Dr Rose and Mirella care about the service and the client's well being. Overall, you will not regret making an appointment!"

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  • I would like to say that having had the PDO thread lift, I’m very happy with the results. I definitely have an outline around my jaw my cheeks are much fuller and the overall look has been achieved with minimal invasion, I would recommend the procedure to anyone! I’m really pleased with mine!

    Joanne in Cheshire PDO Thread Lift
  • The treatment room is extremely clean and very clinical looking, everything white.Both Dr Rose and Mirella are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about Botox.
    There's no rush and you're not talked into anything your not happy about doing.

    Brenda in Manchester Anti Wrinkle Injections

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